Burning Member Question! Please Vote.

OK, big question about those ugly little “accidents” not worth claiming on insurance but must be fixed. Example 1: A member burns up the Skyhawk starter trying to start the plane when the fuel is turned off. (Part and labor $580…who pays?)
Example 2: Mooney door stay gets stepped on (again) and bent rendering the plane out of service (loss of revenue and the part $385) Example 3: Classic wingtip/tail damage when member moves plane and runs it into the hangar door. (Last re-paint $320, last rudder repair $1,700) Point of Interest: The club puts $10-15K into improvements every year to keep our fleet up to a standard. The next poll will seek information on what level of excellence you desire…stay tuned! [Final decision: pay for “small damage” when abuse or neglect is obvious]