What is your favorite App?

If you are in aviation and have some form of mobile computing device you have heard of Apps. These “APPlications” seem a natural for aviation being task specific, simple to download, and easily updated on the web. So what are YOU using to make your aviation life easier? Here is a picture of my phone and several I use. FltPlan is free and a robust fully capable program that works fairly well on phones or tablets. Plan and file your flight, get weather, all for FREE! We have ForeFlight on the club iPads and it is easy to use and provides all of the above plus the current nav charts VFR/IFR, terminal procedures and other current data. The downside here is $120 a year! The key strength of Apps is the easy to download and install feature that keeps all this information up to date. One simple, free App I use daily is Aeroweather. On one page are the five closest weather stations…METAR and TAF always up-to-date. What is your favorite?

What’s Your Favorite Flight 2011? David @ KOSH!

I think many of you know I am passionate about float plane flying, having flown on the water for over 20 years and twice all the way to Oshkosh on straight floats. So when I am at the Airventure show I always try to visit the beautiful Vette Seaplane Base.

There was an AirCam flying there this year and it was obvious they were giving some clandestine instruction so I got in the queue for a lesson. Dual in this beast is definitely all fun…I wish we owned one. Plans for 2012, I hope to visit the Bahamas again this winter, perhaps with some glider training again