I think many of you know I am passionate about float plane flying, having flown on the water for over 20 years and twice all the way to Oshkosh on straight floats. So when I am at the Airventure show I always try to visit the beautiful Vette Seaplane Base.

There was an AirCam flying there this year and it was obvious they were giving some clandestine instruction so I got in the queue for a lesson. Dual in this beast is definitely all fun…I wish we owned one. Plans for 2012, I hope to visit the Bahamas again this winter, perhaps with some glider training again


6 thoughts on “What’s Your Favorite Flight 2011? David @ KOSH!

  1. Best trip of 2011: my first cross-country solo in early June to Oswego. It was a little while coming, but so worth it. I remember lining up for takeoff on 32 and suddenly realizing just how amazing an adventure this was going to be. But the best moment was leaving the practice area on my own (sailing off the edge of the universe!) – just priceless.

    2012: North Carolina this summer to visit family and see the Outer Banks. Also more shorter trips in NY (Niagara Falls maybe?). And of course work on my instrument rating!

  2. The best thing about working at East Hill (besides all the great food at parties) is seeing people grow as pilots and experience that excitement and freedom!

  3. Wow! That AirCam looks amazing–what a view it must have. Since I’m a newly minted pilot I don’t have a big adventure to list just yet but one of my most memorable flights would have to be my checkride. I was really pumped up for the flight the night before. I had done all of my planning and the weather was looking perfect for the next day. Probably only slept for 4 hours or so because I was nervous. It had been almost two years in the making with training and studying. Landings were going well. I almost couldn’t believe it after landing on 14 back at KITH when David said to “you can taxi off the runway back to the ramp.” That meant the flight was done! It was something I had wanted to accomplish since I was about 17 or so. Earning my private was a great way for me to connect with my grandfather who was an instrument rated private pilot. I’m sure he was along for the ride that day.

    Future flights? Jamestown, Piseco, and Nantucket. My grandfather paid for a discovery flight for me when I was 17 out on Nantucket. I would love to get a shot of me approaching that runway and then of course eat some lobster!

  4. Dreams DO come true (with some hard work!) We are so lucky to live within an easy flight to Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard, Block Island, Fire Island etc. Board member Mike Meador and I flew out to a Compuserve gathering (20 years ago…remember those?) on Martha’s Vineyard; 1.5hr flight then a live band and lobster right on the beach at Katama Airport (still open south shore KMVY) Fly in and park in view of the beach! Maybe a club trip this summer?

  5. My favorite flight of the whole year was to Oswego and back at night solo because, it was a prefect night. Despite the fact I had to be up for work at 5a (out the door at 6a), the trip was totally worth it. The air was so clear I could see for MILES. The moon was so bright, I thought I might need sunglasses… and moon light sparkled off the water(s) of the finger lake(s). Just beautiful!! I thought to myself, there is no other way one could see or experience this but to be flying in a plane at night. The trip was also a crossing over point… I thought about the first night flight I had made (dual) and how I had no idea what I to look for or what I was doing back then… Look back at that first trip as compared to the trip now, I realized how far I had come.

    2012 plans finish commercial pilot!! Maybe take a vacation to the Adirondacks and go find that Seaplane I met 5 years (before I started flying) and take ride it. Dream (yet unpractical rating) seaplane. The first step is to take a ride in one!!

  6. Favorite flight for 2011 – our trip to Alaska. Trudy tells me that it’s a once in a lifetime trip…I really hope NOT! The trip out and back were an adventure in itself, but flying into NW Canada and through Alaska with 6 other Aerostars will not be easily forgotten. That kind of flying in the east is rare and flying with a group behind an experience leader is very special.

    For 2012, we start with the trip back from Ft. Myers FL (KFMY) to KITH on Tues 1/3/2012. Then who knows. We’ve been looking at maybe flying down to the Cayman Islands. We’ve never crossed over Cuba. But as I like to say, my favorite flight is always the next one.

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