Thanks for supporting us and flying at East Hill Flying Club! We are one of the few flight training operations in the whole USA that is actually growing and financially healthy. Nationally, private pilot certification has decreased over 40% in the last 10 years! Flight training facilities are closing even in lucrative markets.

We have been chosen by AOPA out of 800 operators nationally as one of 8-10 “Pathfinder” organizations ot study and model…we must be doing something right?! I have signed a nondisclosure agreement with AOPA (per their request) to access their information on organizations and share ours. This will be an ongoing project for the next five years. Your input as members is very valuable. Please log into this website and recommend East Hill and provide input on what works for you and why you are a member and continue to fly. The idea is to share our “best practices” with other organizations and help regenerate general aviation. AOPA has committed serious resources to this project with a new VP level director and many $$…let’s see if we can make this fly!

“Industry forecasts predict that the North American aviation industry will need nearly 82,800 pilots over the next twenty years. The ability of the flight training industry, given the current training model and curricula, to meet that demandĀ  is the subject of much speculation…” Lets make sure there are flight schools ready to meet this need!

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