OK, I have to admit it up front – I didn’t do any of the flying this leg. When I woke up this morning it was MVFR at best in Dayton, and by the time we had breakfast they were reporting a 600′ ceiling, with a front with rain and low ceilings all the way from Ohio through western Pennsylvania and points south. Worse, the forecasts were for deteriorating weather through the day, with no real clearing until Sunday. If it was just me, I’d have found something to do and waited it out, but given there were two of us, and Jerry is IFR rated, well… we filed IFR. The trip back was basically boring. We flew through clouds and rain, and all I had to do was function as a heading bug. That is, when Jerry wandered off heading, I bugged him about it.

This is what it looked like:

So, 493 and I are back in Ithaca at the end of our trip. It was well worth it, and I’m looking forward to my next long journey with N46493.

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