Mooney Seven Charlie Foxtrot

As we prepare the third leg of the day from Davenport, IA to Lincoln, NE (KLNK), we notice another SIGMET and a big thunderstorm — the kind only the Midwest has — in the middle of our route.  Fortunately the storm is very local, so we decide to go around it to the north and overfly Des Moines, IA enroute to Lincoln, NE.  With Jim back in the left seat, we take off just after 3 pm.

As we contact Quad City Approach after takeoff, we just ask for flight following towards Lincoln, omitting to mention our plan to divert North.  We receive a concerned answer from the controller, wondering whether we are aware of the weather. After some explanations everything is fine, but it is nice to know that we have controllers double-checking the weather for us!

Around Des Moines, we spot the storms on our left: they look much…

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