Mooney Seven Charlie Foxtrot

The Hoover Dam The Hoover Dam

Back to flying! Today is a big day — we’re heading to San Francisco with a lunch stop in Santa Barbara. The direct route from the Grand Canyon to San Francisco would overfly the Sierra Nevada mountains, so we first plan a leg to Santa Barbara, then up the California coastline to Palo Alto.

With the first bus leaving at 8:25 am from the Grand Canyon, we get a late start and only manage to start the engine around 10 am. We had planned to overfly Death Valley on the way to Santa Barbara, but the extra distance would force us to stop for fuel in Las Vegas, so we instead take a direct route. The wind has picked up at the Grand Canyon, with some pretty strong gusts, and 7CF’s stall warning horn is chirping as we climb out — even with the airspeed indicator showing 100 mph.

We first head down the…

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