As many of you know, my photomosaic was chosen to be used as Sun’n’Fun’s poster this year, and they sent me two free tickets as a “thank you”. How could I pass that up? Later on, I was accepted as an official Volunteer Photographer for the week, so I’ll have a job (and maybe some backstage access?) as well. I’m really looking forward to the show.


N46493 and I will be leaving for the Sun’n’Fun fly-in in Lakeland, Florida, later this week. As in my last trip, I’ll be blogging each day so everyone can follow along on how badly awry my carefully-planned trip has gone.


My intention is to leave on Thursday, or maybe Wednesday, or Saturday, for Oshkosh (or maybe Kokomo, Indiana, or perhaps Bowling Green, Kentucky), depending on the weather. On the way to Florida I’ll stop off in Colorado (as you do…), where I’ll spend some time with Jerry and Barbara Friedman before Jerry and I head southeast to Clearwater Airpark. Sun’n’Fun will run from April 21-26, and then we’ll head back home up the East Coast, stopping with my college roommate near Myrtle Beach, NC, along the way.

Ahead to Day 1 of the trip: Ithaca to Oshkosh ->

<- Back to 2013 to read about my previous trip to Colorado

2 thoughts on “By Skyhawk to Florida (via Colorado) – watch this space!

  1. Although I think you are somewhat geographically challenged by flying to Florida from Ithaca via Colorado, it sounds like a great trip. We’be flown into KCLW a number of times. It’s a great “old time” airport in the northwest corner of the Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater metroplex. Everything from Cubs to jets sharing a 4100×75′ runway. Usually there are several old hangar flyers sitting on the porch of the FBO ready to lend a hand or tell a story. 493 will be right at home there. Have fun.

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